Individual Tax Preparation

Having Trouble With Your Individual Taxes? We Can Help!

Preparing your own income tax return can be complicated and confusing. If you don’t have the experience it is simple to overlook many of the deductions and credits that you’re entitled to, or worse, you might even invite an IRS audit. Even if you use a computer program there’s no substitute for the help of an experienced tax professional. We specialize in providing individual tax preparation services to our clients.  Below are just a few of the services we offer.

Individual Tax Preparation

We offer full-service individual tax preparation services. When we prepare your tax return, you won’t wonder if it was done correctly because we make it our business to know all the latest tax rules inside and out. You’ll have confidence that a qualified Torrington, CT accountant prepared your tax filings in line with all current state and federal regulations.

The Roberts Tax Group approach to individual tax preparation services is personal, accurate and affordable. We systematically review your paperwork, receipts, and past tax returns to help you to retain more of your income.

Tax Representation

Have you ever received a letter or notice from the IRS or your state or local tax agency, ignored it, and now you owe penalties and fines on top of the taxes you already owe? Millions of taxpayers receive these letters every year. But don’t worry, you are not alone.

The Roberts Tax Group represents clients on all levels of a tax audit, whether it be a local, state, or federal tax agency. We can prepare delinquent tax returns as well as amended returns and if necessary we can help in the preparation of Offers In Compromise. See more information about our tax representation services on our Tax Resolution Page.

Tax Planning & Strategies

Whether you are getting married, buying a home, own a business, approaching retiring, or other significant life events, we can help you take advantage of current tax laws to ensure you are paying the least amount of tax possible.

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We have compiled a list of the common questions that people ask about their taxes you can see the list here.

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Our team of professionals can provide expert assistance in various tax and accounting matters.

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Life Events


Buying a home is generally one of the largest purchases a person will do in their life time. Understanding the tax consequences of the purchase is important before you buy, while you are living there, when you ultimately sell the home, or if you should decide to turn the home into rental property.


Understanding how tax laws impact marriage and divorce is critical for those contemplating either. Merging or separating assets, changing tax brackets, filing jointly or separately. All these things have significant tax implications and it is better to know before hand so you can plan properly.


Planning for retirement is a team effort. You, your financial planner and your tax accountant, all work together to get you the largest rate of returns on your investments, and structure your retirement distributions so that you can take advantage of preferred tax treatment of income.


During this difficult time, the surviving spouse or other family and friends, must deal with the final tax return for the decedent and possibly their estate tax return. Final tax returns and estate returns can be tricky. It’s best to reach out and obtain advice from your most trusted advisors.