Virtual/Remote Services

Simplify Your Life with Our Virtual Services

These days, everyone is finding innovative ways to get things done—from how to shop to how to get around town. The rapid advance of digital technology is increasingly allowing services to be delivered remotely without sacrificing quality. We believe our virtual/remote options are no different. That’s why we created the option that lets you tap into our expertise virtually.

With our Virtual Options, you simply schedule an initial consolation with a live expert that will review your situation and goals via video conference. All of your documents will be securely uploaded via our Client Portal. Once your expert has completed preparing your material, he or she will schedule a video conference to review them with you.

How Does a Virtual Session Work?

Schedule a booking with the expert of your choice and select the Zoom Meeting option as your preferred method to meet with us.

Answer some simple questions and upload your documents using our secure client portal.

We will send you a link to join a secure video session via Zoom. At the completion of our session you can simply sit back and relax while we get to work.

In a few days, you can review your material while we answer your questions.

Dedicated expertise at a distance. Seamless digital fulfilment. Personalized advice in the digital age.

Online Virtual Tax Preparation

Are You Looking For Virtual Tax, Accounting, or Bookkeeping Services?

Our team of professionals can provide expert service in the comfort of your own home or office.

We offer Zoom Meetings, Telephone or In-Person Consultations